A website for lovers of tiny tools and toolkits

My friend Jarkman has a lot of compact toolkits with tiny tools in, which I’ve always been very envious of. We were idly discussing writing about them all, and a neat domain was available - so naturally then we had to do it.

Our aim is to both document a curated list of good tiny tools, and also present some stories from owners of tiny toolkits.

We went from idea to taking pictures of lots of tools in about 30 minutes at a table in a pub. Entertainingly several of said tools came in handy when taking the photos.

You can find it at https://tinytoolk.it

Nerd shit

It’s a static site hosted on github pages, because it’s free. It uses Zola (instead of Hugo which is my usual choice) for no reason other than I thought I’d give it a go.

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