A bot that posts warning pictograms

A (Twitter Fediverse) bot which posts an entry from the International Standards Organisation technical standard 7010 for graphical hazard symbols on hazard and safety signs.

A screenshot of a tweet in the Twitter web app. The tweet is of a triangular yellow warning sign which has a graphic showing a toxic environment. The text reads 'W072 - substance of mixture that can cause an environmental hazard' and includes source link, author and license attribution.
The last post the Twitter incarnation of the bot made (F) before Twitter performed a textbook self-own and stopped bot owners posting via the free API


Honestly, can’t really remember. I think I just thought it would be a fun bot.


Bot source code
It’s written in Rust, and when run scrapes the wikipedia page for ISO 7010 (which, fortunately for us, includes a comprehensive gallery of SVGs of the safety signs contributed by WikiMedia users1), picks a random one, downloads and renders the SVG in a timeline-friendly aspect ratio, and posts it (with image credits of course!).


My favorite interactions from followers with the bot were when they’d quote tweet a post with their own interpretation of what the pictogram depicted. With no quote posts in the fediverse it’s a bit of a shame this won’t be possible in the same way…

Federate with me!

You can follow the bot at

  1. Myself among them ↩︎